Print and assemble your planner!

You have completed your custom planner, and you have downloaded all your PDF files? Your are now ready to print your unique master piece? Here are our recommendations!

Print the cover pages

To get the best results in printing your cover pages, the ideal solution is to go to your local print center.

  • Ask to print all covers on a heavyweigh cardstock (or stiff paper) and specify to print it without borders. They may have to adjust the document, say yes if they require your permission
  • Then, ask to laminate the FIRST and SECOND covers together, back to back
  • Do the same thing with the THIRD and FORTH cover

Laminated covers will keep your planner solid and beautiful all year long. It will also protect all interior pages.

The simplest way

If you do not own a personnal printer, or if you do not have the so called "techno fiber", well it may seem a little difficult to print a document on both sides of pages. For you, the simplest way can be to bring your PDF on a USB stick to your local print center.

Print it at your school, a little freebie!

Many schools supports the initiative of teachers that prefers a custom made teacher planner. If this is the case for you, save all you PDF on a USB stick and bring it to the person in charge of the printer. Enjoy a little freebie!

Print it yourself

We suggest you test the printing with a simple 4 pages document, that will use very low ink.
Download test document


Different bindings gives you different pratical uses. Standard metal bindings will give you the freedom to easily add or remove the content of your planner all year long... Some find them a little big and cumbersome. Also they are not the most aesthetic choice, and do not offert much color options.

On the contrary, coils offers different colors and materials. They are more compact and the let you fold your planner all the way, wich saves you space when you have a lot of paper on your desk! The downside remains that it is far more laborius when you want to add or remove pages during the year.